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In search of the soul : a philosophical essay

Cottingham, John2020
How our beliefs about the soul have developed through the ages, and why an understanding of it still matters today. In Search of the Soul is a testimony to how the soul remains a profoundly significant aspect of human flourishing.
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Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2020
xii, 174 pages : illustration ; 22 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Humanity in Quest of the Soul. The Risk of Loss ; Dimensions of Soul ; The Soul and Human Nature ; The Soul and Moral Integration ; But Why the Soul? -- The Evolution of the Soul. What Is the Soul? ; Out of This World? ; From Souls to Ghosts ; Descartes and the Shrinking Soul ; Cartesian Automata and the Creativity of Thought ; The Soul-Body Unit and Descartes's Trialism ; The Ethical Implications of Human Embodiment -- Soul, Science, and Subjectivity. Objective Science and Subjective Experience ; Consciousness: Illusion or Irreducible Reality? ; The Panpsychist Turn ; Finding a Place for Consciousness ; The Domain of the Soul -- The Partly Hidden Soul. From Soul-Searching to Self-Fashioning ; The Opacity of the Soul and Psychic Integration ; The Depths of the Psyche ; The Soul's Hidden Yearning for God -- The Soul and the Transcendent. Reaching Forward to the Transcendent ; Natural versus Supernatural: The Unhelpful Contrast ; Immortal Longings and the Care of the Soul: From Metaphysics to Praxis ; Transcendence and Our Human Destiny.
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