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The ice hotel
The ice hotel
Allen, Hania2021
"Maggie Stewart travels with friends Liz and Harry to the Ice Hotel, a surreal building in Swedish Lapland constructed from ice cut from the nearby river. During the day, it is a museum housing ice sculptures, but at night it becomes a novelty hotel. Shortly after their arrival, the holiday turns into a nightmare. A near-miss snowmobile accident is followed by the discovery of the frozen body of one of the hotel's American guests. Maggie is shocked to learn that this was no accident: the American was drugged and pushed out of his sleeping bag to freeze to death in the room. As the body count rises and Maggie finds herself in mortal danger, she realises that the only person she can trust is Thomas Hallengren, the detective leading the case. But can he uncover the killer's identity before the Ice Hotel and other buildings - the Ice Chapel and Ice Theatre - melt back into the river, taking the clues with them?"--Publisher.
Main title:
The ice hotel / Hania Allen.
Allen, Hania, author
London : Constable, 2021.©2021
376 pages ; 24 cm.
"Murder never sleeps in the land of the midnight sun."--Cover.
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Hampton LibraryFiction CrimeALLEOnloan - Due: 18 Feb 2022