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Why first-borns rule the world and later-borns want to change it

Grose, Michael, 1955-2021
There are many factors affecting a child's personality and the adult they become, but the least understood is birth order. Why is it that children in a family can share the same gene pool, a similar socio-economic environment and experience similar parenting styles yet have fundamentally different personalities, interests and even different careers as adults? Birth order! The implications for parents, teachers and adults involved with children are many. This fully revised and updated edition seeks to increase the reader's understanding of birth order theory, including the impact of a child's broader social environment and the rise of the standard two-child family, where the second-born is simultaneously the last-born. It will enable you to delve a little deeper and look for the constellation of positions within a family, giving you a clearer picture of your own quirks and ambitions, along with those of your siblings, children, partner, workmates, friends and colleagues. Addressing multiple births, children with a disability, genetic engineering, blended families, gender balance, only children and birth-order balance in the workplace, this book challenges parents to raise each child differently according to his or her birth order.
Fully revised and updated.
Dockland, Victoria : Penguin Life, 2021.©2021
xii, 270 pages ; 24 cm
Originally published: 2003.Includes bibliographical references.
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