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Stormwater quality management plan : executive summary
Stormwater quality management plan : executive summary
The beaches and waters of Port Phillip Bay are the key environmental areas in Bayside that may be impacted on by stormwater quality. These areas, and the beaches in particular, are highly valued by the community.The main threats to the environmental values through stormwater quality have been identified as activities in the catchment that generate litter, sediment and toxicants. Vehicles and traffic are the main sources of toxicants in the municipality that may cause deterioration in stormwater quality. Syringes have also been identified as a priority concern in relation to stormwater. Other pollutants are localised and can be addressed by specific actions that give attention to detail..
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Brighton LibraryCouncilCORP 331.91 STONot seen at Stocktake (Set: 08 Mar 2009)