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My nonidentical twin : what I'd like you to know about living with Tourette's

Evie Meg2021
The debut book from the huge TikTok sensation Evie Meg aka This Trippy Hippie. Evie Meg shares her story of living with Tourette's Syndrome, empowering readers to feel they can overcome their own battles in life, whatever they may be. Hey guys, you might know me already from one of my social media channels where I talk about the highs and lows of living with Tourette's Syndrome. I've loved sharing those times with you and - as there are lots of things I can't fit into a 60 second video - I've decided to write a book! It's the full story of how I came to be diagnosed and how having Tourette's has changed my life. Writing it has given me an opportunity to talk about things I haven't felt ready to share before - for some reason it's easier to put down private things in written words than in a video! I talk about the many other illnesses I've been through and the dreams that it's affected - about my school days, relationships and my very lowest points - but I also talk about what I've managed to achieve in spite of all the obstacles. I hope it'll make you laugh and make you think, and empower you to realise that no matter what you're facing in life, there are always ways to deal with the challenges. It's also so important to me that people understand what life is like with a disability, so we can be compassionate towards each other. I've bared my soul in this book to hopefully help others to do this. I'm so excited (and just a little bit nervous) for you to read it! Evie Meg xxx
Evie Meg, author
London : Sphere, 2021.©2021
251 pages : illustrations (chiefly colour) ; 21 cm.
9780751584066 (hbk)9780751584066
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