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The Art of lockdown : Australian Ukrainians Making Art 2020

Annotation. Covid - Community Connectivity - Culture" - this idea came to us early on in Melbourne's second lockdown of 2020, and it grew like wildfire. Using Facebook as a platform, "The Art of Lockdown: A Virtual Visual Art Exhibition" grew quickly with members from around Australia sharing their visual art - everything from fine art and traditional Ukrainian art to chalk drawings and cupcakes. These were projects that got people through 2020 and helped them stay connected with community while in lockdown - and maintain positivity and good mental health. Many members reconnected with friends around Australia. The participating group quickly became international as families and friends joined and shared their stories - of missed weddings, of virtual wedding cakes and much else - all via their beautiful art and culture.For, the over 120 artists who shared their art, the objective of the virtual live exhibition was met. This commemorative book captures the art of the Australian Ukrainian community of 2020, and of their friends and relatives interstate and overseas, for whom separation by distance became tangible, challenging and confronting.The Arts and Culture Subcommittee of the Board of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations congratulates the participating artists. Not only for their visual art, but also for the stories they shared, the moments they captured, the positivity of their commentary and for maintaining community in a time of adversity.
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