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Before we were blue

Schwartz, E. J.2021
At Recovery and Relief, a treatment centre for girls with eating disorders, the first thing Shoshana Winnick does is attach herself to vibrant but troubled Rowan Parish. Shoshana - a cheerleader on a hit reality TV show - was admitted for starving herself to ensure her growth spurt didn't ruin her infamous tumbling skills. Rowan, on the other hand, has known anorexia her entire life, thanks to her mother's "chew and spit" guidance. Through the drudgery and drama of treatment life, Shoshana and Rowan develop a fierce intimacy - and for Rowan, a budding infatuation, that neither girl expects. As "Gray Girls," patients in the centre's Gray plan, Shoshana and Rowan are constantly under the nurses' watchful eyes. They dream of being Blue, when they will enjoy more freedom and the knowledge that their days at the centre are numbered. But going home means separating and returning to all the challenges they left behind. The closer Shoshana and Rowan become, the more they cling to each other - and their destructive patterns. Ultimately, the girls will have to choose: their recovery or their relationship.
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Brighton LibraryTeen FictionT SCHAvailable
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