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A solitary walk on the moon [Paperback]

Hinton, Hilde2022
"Evelyn went to the third drawer down in her dresser. It was her drawer of things past, she had an item from each of her previous lives. Evelyn was good at reinventing herself, becoming who she was going to be next, but she still kept one thing from each life. Never two." For Evelyn, mornings pass as mornings always do. She ticks off the jobs at the laundromat and gives welcoming smiles to those who come in. If they've earned one. Evelyn knows what is going on in her community because she pays attention. She sees the weariness of the frazzled shop owners, the woman with the nasty boyfriend, the nice man with the curly-topped dog, the car parking war and the forgetful man. The community might not notice Evelyn, because it is easy to overlook the seemingly ordinary. But Evelyn is far from ordinary. She isn't afraid to put things right, and is always ready to find lost property or lost people, even if that means breaking the rules. For a boy with a struggling mum and a lonely man with a smile in his eyes, Evelyn is going to make a difference, whether they like it or not. She will teach them that you don't have to be blood to be family. And they will remind her of what comes from loving someone. It is up to Evelyn if she can pay the price.
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Sydney, NSW : Hachette Australia, 2022.©2022
x, 287 pages ; 24 cm.
9780733647048 (pbk)97807336470489780733647048
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