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Hold that thought!

Galbraith, Bree2021
"Finn is awakened in the night by something rustling around inside their head. It isn't heavy like a worry, it doesn't swirl like a fear, and it certainly isn't shaped like a question. It's something much more exciting--an idea! Finn can't wait to share it, and they do, at school, with their best friend Sima. Sharing energises the idea. Then the more Finn thinks about it, the more the idea grows, and by the end of the day the idea is huge and amazing. But not everyone is excited about Finn's idea, and, in a heart-stopping moment, a bully knocks it to the ground... Finn shares the idea with the other kids, who in turn add their thoughts. And as the idea grows, even the bully has a change of heart, offering his own thought to the mix. As the story closes, the idea blossoms and flows across the page..."--Provided by publisher.
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Sandringham LibraryJunior Picture BooksGAvailable
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