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The return of Faraz Ali

Ahmad, Aamina2022
Inspector Jamshed is sent to the labyrinthine streets of Lahore's walled city to cover up the chilling murder of a child prostitute, a murder in which his father Wajid, a powerful political figure, may be implicated. The task upends Jamshed's orderly life by sending him back 'home' to the red light district of Lahore where he was born, the offspring of a prostitute, and from which his father took him as a boy, thereby giving him a chance at a respectable life. Now though, assailed by a jumble of memories, and appalled by the viciousness of the crime, he's suddenly aware of everything he's lost. Should he stop hiding his disreputable history and search for the mother and sister he hasn't seen since childhood--even if it means risking everything? And should he defy his powerful father, to whom he owes his current 'respectable' existence, and proceed with the investigation of the little girl's murder
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Sandringham LibraryAdult Fiction - CrimeAHMAAvailable
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