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The last adventure of Constance Verity

Martinez, A. Lee2022
Constance Verity has been saving the world since she was seven, and she's sick of it. She sets off on one last adventure to assassinate her fairy godmother and become the one thing she's never been: ordinary. Ever since she was granted a wish at birth by her fairy godmother, Constance Verity has become one of the world's great adventurers. It all began at her seventh birthday party when she defeated a snake. She has become a master of exotic martial arts, a keen detective, and possesses a collection of strange artefacts gathered from her adventures. But Constance has spent the past twenty-eight years saving the world, and she's tired of it. All she wants is to work in an office and date a nice, normal guy. And she is finally figured out a way to do it: she's going to kill her fairy godmother and reset her life. The only problem, though, is that saving the world is Constance's destiny. She's great at it, and there are forces at work to make sure she stays in the job. Then again, it's also her destiny to have a glorious death.
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London : Jo Fletcher Books, 2022.©2016
365 pages ; 20 cm.
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"Soon to be a major motion picture." --Front cover.
9781529408119 (pbk)9781529408119
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