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GraviTrax Track System Starter Kit

Fast-Paced Fun, Open-Ended Design and Infinite Creativity! Get ready for racing fun with the GraviTrax Starter Set! Gravitrax is the all new STEM track system from Ravens burger! The 100-piece set provides you with everything you need to get started and it gives you lots of creative options. Build unique tracks from a wide range of components and track parts, new and different every time! Use the building elements to design an action-packed course to roll the balls into the goal using magnetism, kinetic and gravitational force. The tasks and construction plans help introduce you to the world of ball track systems. Just open it up and start building! The GraviTrax track system makes experiencing gravity fun! The track can be infinitely extended with various add-ons for endless building and racing enjoyment! Includes: Building plan booklet, task booklet, 4x base plates, 2x transparent levels, 6x balls, 40x large height blocks, 12x small height blocks, 21x curves, 3x crossings, 2x switches, 1x 3-in-1, 1x swivel, 1x starting block, 1x action block cannon, 3x long rails, 6x medium rails, 9x short rails, 1x target ladder, 4x base stones, inserts for the base stones: 2x traps, 1x free fall, 1x splash, 1x target. Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small components. Choking hazard. Suitable for 8+ years.
The kit supports STEM learning and will help to teach a variety of concepts including gravity, magnetism, kinetic energy and more.Kit Contains. 1x Set of Instructions, 1x Set of Blueprint, 1x Exercise booklet, 4x Card Bases, 2x Transparent levels, 6x Gravity Spheres, 3x Long Rails, 6x Medium Rails, 9x Short Rails, 1x Magnetic Cannon, 21x Curved Bases, 3x X intersection Bases, 1x Vortex Base, 2x Y Points Bases, 1x End target, 1x 3in1 Base, 4x Bases for inserts, 1x 3 Way Starter Base Insert, 2x Catcher Base Inserts, 2x Switches, 1x Base Insert, 1x Free Fall Base Insert, 1x Target Base Insert, 40x Large Vertical Tiles, 12x Small Vertical Tiles.Suitable for ages 8+
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