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Life mickey mouse [eMagazine]

For over ninety years, one of the world’s greatest entertainers has technically never been alive. Conjured from the imagination of Walt Disney and brought to life by artist Ub Iwerks, Micky Mouse has starred in some of the most enduring movie classics of our time (though not as many as you’d think), has interacted on stage and screen with some of the past century’s greatest figures, including Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth II, and every U.S. President since Truman (except for Lyndon Johnson). His image has been emblazoned upon countless watches, t-shirts, hats, and every other manner of clothing, and sometimes has been present when you weren’t even looking. Additionally, he is the mascot of the Walt Disney Company, and of the multitude of parks that bear his creator’s name. Now, in this special edition from LIFE, Mickey Mouse, we trace this iconic character’s birth and his rise to fame and dominance worldwide. Learn how Mickey helped Walt Disney and his company become the entertainment behemoth that it is today and learn about Mickey’s influence in sports and arts, among other spheres. This thoroughly entertaining special edition will remind you that even if you weren’t paying attention, Mickey has been there entertaining and inspiring.
Cleveland : Meredith Operations Corporation.
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