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Life mysteries of the unknown [eMagazine]

Psychic abilities. Eerie events. Ghosts and aliens. Since the beginning of time, people have wondered about the supernatural: What is real and what isn't? Can you communicate with the other side? How do you explain phenomena that defies science and logic? This special edition tackles these unsettling questions in powerful and unexpected ways. Explore matters of the mind that seem to go well beyond just what can be seen. Reconsider classic unexplained phenomena like English crop circles, the Bermuda Triangle, and the sailing stones of Death Valley. Revisit the classic strange, supernatural creatures that help reveal and reflect our fears. Revel in the ongoing questions about extraterrestrial life, the mysterious kidnapping of Betty and Barney Hill, and the recent sightings by Navy pilots of strange crafts off the East Coast. Brought vividly to you with photographs and artist renderings, let this special edition take you beyond the normal and the known.
Cleveland : Meredith Operations Corporation.
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LIFE Mysteries of the Unknown
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