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The ultimate guide to comic books [eMagazine]

There was a time, not so long ago, that comics were the subject of ridicule. They were silly, only for kids, and to be disposed of as soon they were read. In the first few years of their existence, they were barely acknowledged... until the Superhero Era began with the introduction of Superman in 1938. Years later came The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the rise of Marvel Comics, which changed everything. Heroes were back, though it would be some time before the general public took them seriously again. That process would be a long one that would take decades, but it began in 1970, with the dawn of the Bronze Age. Suddenly, comic books had stakes. Batman was once again the Dark Knight Detective his creators had conceived him to be. Spider-Man’s girlfriend was murdered. Things changed, and people noticed. These days, comic books are not only taken seriously, but pop culture is also centered around them. The biggest movies are based on these stories from the Wednesday weeklies, movie stars are made when actors put on a cowl or take flight, and the industry that almost folded is now worth billions and billions of dollars.
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The Ultimate Guide to Comic Books
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