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Psychology now [eMagazine]

"Understanding human behaviour and mental processes, whether our own or those belonging to others, is essential if we want to make better decisions and lead happier lives. Why do we feel certain emotions in specific situations? Why do we behave in particular ways? And what can we do to overcome the things that hold us back? Delve into the world of psychology and build a better relationship with your mind. Learn how to be kind to it, unlock its full potential and use it to your advantage. In the pages that follow, we explore what it means to be emotionally intelligent, how to heal our inner child wounds, the challenges of midlife, and why separateness is essential for connection. We also look into the power of persuasion, the healthcare gender bias, living in the shadows of someone, how to stress better, and why conflict can be good. Packed full of expert guidance from psychologists, counsellors and other professionals, we also speak exclusively to Dilly Carter about the impact our physical environment can have on our mental health. The mind is a powerful tool. Learn how to take control of your own mind today for a happier, healthier tomorrow."
Cleveland : Future Publishing Ltd.
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Psychology Now
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