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Why? : the purpose of the universe

Goff, Philip, 1978-2023
Western thought has been dominated by the dichotomy of traditional religion and secular atheism. But do we have to choose between these options? In this pioneering work, Philip Goff argues that it is time to move on from both God and atheism. Though an exploration of contemporary cosmology and cutting-edge philosophical research on consciousness, Goff argues for cosmic purpose: the idea that the universe is directed towards certain goals, such as the emergence of life. In contrast to religious thinkers, Goff argues that the traditional God is a bad explanation of cosmic purpose. Instead, he explores a range of alternative possibilities for accounting for cosmic purpose, from the speculation that we live in a computer simulation to the hypothesis that the universe itself is a conscious mind. Goff scrutinises these options with analytical rigour, laying the foundations for a new paradigm of philosophical enquiry into the middle ground between God and atheism. Ultimately, Goff outlines a way of living in hope that cosmic purpose is still unfolding, involving political engagement and a non-literalist interpretation of traditional religion.
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Oxford ; New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2023]©2023
xii, 192 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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9780198883760 (hbk)9780198883760
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