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The sea captain's wife

French, Jackie2024
When Mair McCrae follows her island tradition and hunts for a husband cast up on the beach, she has no notion that the naked, half-drowned man she rescues is not just Captain Michael Dawson, heir to a major shipping firm, but that he's also obsessed by a 'ghost ship' carrying golden cargo. On Big Henry Island women make the decisions and knit the patterns that mark a man as their own. But Big Henry is also a volcano, and threatening to erupt. Yet when Mair agrees to accompany Michael home, she finds that the Australian comfort he promised has a danger just as real: a social system that tries to keep women confined to small roles at the edges of men's lives. And as Michael hunts for the 'Ghost' in his revolutionary new steamship, a string of mysterious deaths upends Mair's new life in Sydney. Who is committing these murders, and why is Mair the only one who realises what is happening?
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Brighton LibraryAdult Fiction - CrimeFRENOnloan - Due: 07 Jul 2024
Sandringham LibraryAdult Fiction - CrimeFRENOnloan - Due: 12 Jul 2024
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