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Thumbnail for The Rivener : a novel of dark fantasy suspense and mind-bending adventure

The Rivener : a novel of dark fantasy suspense and mind-bending adventure

Godsey, Garrett2023
Step through a gateway hidden inside your dreaming mind and fall into the world of The Rivener. From the gritty streets of San Francisco to labyrinthine dream realms conjured from humanity's collective psyche, this is an action-packed, page-turning, dark-fantasy odyssey. Meet Kid, an American foster system survivor turned clandestine courier for an underground syndicate, The White Lotus. With the disappearance of their previous runner, Kid must navigate through a harrowing night filled with deranged stalkers and nightmarish creatures born of his darkest fears. Then there's Alice, a teen prodigy from The Young School, an enigmatic institute for violent psychics, also known as travelers. These travelers have the power to traverse The Dream, a parallel universe birthed from humanity's collective consciousness, capable of manipulating society, acquiring superhuman abilities, and even discovering immortality. Alice yearns to harness these mystical forces to gain her freedom. When an assignment goes dead wrong in Chinatown, Kid and Alice's paths intersect. This streetwise runner and covert operative of parallel worlds find themselves in a reality-defying struggle for the survival of humanity. Can they channel their abilities, love, and determination to mend the very fabric of existence, defeat an ancient evil, and safeguard both realms, The Dream and The Real?
[Place of publication not identified] : Nightgate Books, 2023.©2023
553 pages ; 21 cm
9798988112815 (pbk)9798988112815
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Sandringham LibraryAdult Fiction - CrimeGODSOn Reserve Shelf - Awaiting collection within 10 days of this date. (Set: 17 Jun 2024)
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