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Psychology now [eMagazine]

Explore 10 of the world’s most unethical psychology experiments, the nature versus nurture debate, and sibling rivalry. We also look into what makes us shy, why we lie, the reasons we laugh, and the benefits of being bored. We consider ways to improve our mental health, such as saying goodbye to social media, making and breaking friendships, and the benefits of meditation. We also look at the psychology behind concepts such as fight or flight, the placebo effect and bystander behaviour. Packed full of expert guidance from psychologists, counsellors and other professionals, we also speak exclusively to actress and activist Mika Simmons about breaking the taboo of women’s health and the importance of talking. The mind is a powerful tool. Learn how to take control of your own mind today for a happier, healthier tomorrow.
Cleveland : Future Publishing Ltd.
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Psychology Now
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