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The looting of the Iraq Museum, Baghdad : the lost treasures of ancient Mesopotamia
The looting of the Iraq Museum, Baghdad : the lost treasures of ancient Mesopotamia
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New York : Harry N. Abrams, 2005.
xiii, 242 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Introduction / William R. Polk -- The illicit trade in looted antiquities / Angela H.M. Schuster -- Smuggling and looting in Iraq / Micah Garen and Marie-H├żel`ene Carleton -- A short history of the Iraq National Museum Usam / Ghaidan and Anna Paolini -- A museum is born / Lamia al-Gailani Werr -- Shanidar, Iraq in the beginning / Ralph and Rose Soleki, Anagnostis Agelarakis -- Dawn of civilization / Harriet Crawford -- The small treasures of the Iraq Museum / Fiorella Ippolitoni Strika -- The lion hunt stele / Diana McDonald -- The Warka vase / Diana McDonald -- From village to empire: the rise of Sumer and Akkad / Paul Collins -- Akkadian victory stele / Diana McDonald -- Akkadian head of a king / Diana McDonald -- The birth of writing, the dawn of literature / Robert D. Biggs -- Cylinder seal impression / Diana McDonald -- Babylonians and Assyrians / Julian Reade -- Assyrian ivory lioness from Nimrud / Diana McDonald -- Decoration from the Kassite temple of Karaindash from Uruk / Diana McDonald -- In the wake of Alexander: Parthians and Sassanians /Elisabetta Valtz Fino -- Alexander coin /Diana McDonald -- The coming of Islam / Alastair E. Northedge -- Baghdad through the ages / Vincenzo Strika -- The ravages of war and the challenge of reconstruction / Selma al-Radi -- The recovery of the Nimrud gold / Diana McDonald -- Epilogue / Angela M.H. Schuster and Milbry Polk -- The gods and goddesses of ancient Mesopotamia -- References and resources / Barbara A. Porter -- About the authors.
0810958724 (hardcover alk paper)
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