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Preserve & share your memories

Bayside Libraries offers Digitization equipment for public use, free at our libraries!

In our Create, Play, Learn spaces, you can convert VHS tapes, vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs, slides, negatives and reel-to-reel films.

Additionally, if you are looking to convert negatives, slides and photos, into digital formats, you can borrow one of our take home kits

What you can convert

 Beaumaris LibraryBrighton LibrarySandringham Library
VHS Video Cassettesüü


Vinyl Recordsü



Cassette Tapesü



Compact Discsü



Reel-to-Reel Films (requires staff support)üü


Book to use the DIY Digitisation Station

You can book to use the Digitisation equipment at our Beaumaris, Brighton and Sandringham locations for up to three hours to digitise your items. Book ahead to ensure availability.

Book into use the DIY Digitisation equipment


Important Notes:

  • This is a self-serve workstation. Instructions are provided, but library staff are not trained to provide technical support.
  • The library is not responsible for any damage customer may incur to their personal property when using this workstation.
  • You must supply your own storage media (such as USB) to save your digitized files to.
  • The digital conversion process takes place in real-time. For example, if your record runs for 20 minutes, it will take 20 minutes to digitize.

View Instructions for Using Equipment

VHS to Digital

Convert VHS tape to commonly used digital media formats playable on computers, tablets, smartphones and other digital media players.


Note: You will need to allow as long as the film you are converting runs for to convert it, as you are essentially playing the film whilst you convert. You will need to bring a USB to save your file too.


1. Plug in a USB flash drive or SD card into the converter. Your digitalised video will be saved onto this drive.

2. Insert your VHS and press the "Play" button on the VCR player.

3. To commence recording, simply press the "Record/Stop" button located on the converter. A timer will appear in the upper left corner of the LCD screen to indicate that the recording has begun.

4. To end the recording, simply press the 'Record/Stop' button once more.

5. Remove your USB flash drive or SD card from the converter.



Vinyl Record and Cassette Tape to MP3

Convert your vinyl and cassette records into MP3 format. You will need to bring a USB to save your files to.

1. Plug a USB flash drive into the converter. Your digitalised video will be saved onto this drive.
2. To select between vinyl record (phono) or cassette (tape), use the function button to choose your preferred option.
3. You can choose to record to CD or USB by pressing the "Rec" button once for CD and twice for USB.
4. Press the 'play' button to start recording and stop once you are finished.
5. Remove your USB flash drive or CD from the converter.

Slides and Negatives

Convert your slides and negatives to digital format.  You will need to bring an SD card to save your files to.

1. Insert the SD card into the scanner's SD card slot, making sure it's face-up and locked in place.
2. Press the power button. The home page will appear on the LCD screen.
3. To start scanning, select 'Film Type' to set the size and type of film you're scanning.
4. Load your film into the 50 x 50 mm Hinged Slide Holder with its corresponding bracket and insert it into the Film/Slide Holder Slot.
5. Adjust the colour and brightness as necessary and press the OK/Scan button to scan the image.
6. Continue feeding the negative or slide through the scanner while pressing the OK/Scan button for each picture. The scanned image will be automatically saved on the SD card.

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