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Request an item not held

Materials not held by Bayside Library Service can be requested as Inter-Library loans from other library services or suggested for purchase.

Please Search our catalogue to make sure we don't already have this item.

Request a loan from another library service

Materials not available from the Bayside Library catalogue can be requested as an Inter-Library Loan through Library Link Victoria. This service enables you to borrow resources from other library collections. New material is generally not available this way. Any new material that meets our selection guidelines may be suggested for purchase instead.

Request via Library Link Victoria

Please Note - Charges apply for this service - You will be charged for any Inter-Library Loans. Please contact the library first if you have any questions about the Inter-Library Loan process or the fees that you will be charged.

Bayside Library Service will attempt to obtain your item from another Public Library; however, in the event that it is only available at a University Library, Bayside staff will contact you before proceeding with the loan.

Inter-Library Loans from Public libraries cost $3.00 - pay on collection ($2.00 for Juniors, Teens, and Older Adults).

Inter-Library Loans from University cost $16.50 - pay on collection

You will be liable for the inter-library loan charge on any item received for you, even if you do not collect it. Let the Library know a.s.a.p. if you change your mind about an inter-library loan.

Suggest a new purchase

If you can't find the item you are looking for on our catalogue, and it is a new publication, we may purchase it for the collection and it will be reserved for you.

Your suggestion will be considered based on our PDF Selection Guidelines

Our Selection Guidelines preference:

  • Items published in the last 2 years
  • Items in print and readily available from our library suppliers
  • Items of appropriate quality and format (no spiral binding, pamphlets etc.)
  • Items due for publication or release within 3 months
  • DVDs - only if released, classified and available in Australia

You will need your Library Borrower Number and Password to use this service if you are not already logged in.

Suggest a Purchase