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3D printing

What is 3D printing?

A 3D printer is a machine that allows you to create physical object from digital renderings. 3D printers print objects in thin layers from the bottom up. These layers create the characteristic ridged surface of a 3D printed object and can be removed by sanding.

The possibilities are endless with 3D printing, print models, toys, art or other objects here at the library. Beaumaris, Brighton and Sandringham libraries have a 3D printer for you to explore.



Learn about 3D printing at the Library

Check out books in our collection to learn about 3D printing, or get inspiration for your own creation to print at the library.

Come along to sessions run by our Library Staff to learn about 3D printing.

Check out our Create, Play, Learn programming


Submit your own 3D print job

You can submit your own 3D print job, that the Library can print for you to collect from a branch

Submit your own 3D print job


Feeling creative?

You can design your own 3D print jobs using these websites.

Cookie Cad is a website that allows you to easily upload a black and white image to turn into a cookie cutter!


TinkerCad is a great tool for beginners and experts to create 3D designs. Chrome and Firefox Browers work best


Blender is a free open-source software that you can download for modeling, animating and editing anything in 3D


Fusion 360 - from Autodesk, an intermediate package that offers free licenses for hobbyists and startupsMeshmixer - works with existing mesh files or scans to fix problems or add enhancementsThingiverse has a great collection of freely avaliable designs that you can download and print

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