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Local Birds of Bayside - Sandringham and District Historical Society Inc.

Local birds of Bayside



The Australian bird guide

The Australian bird guide
Menkhorst, Peter

Australia's avifauna is large, diverse and spectacular, reflecting the continent's impressive range of habitats and evolutionary history. With specially commissioned paintings of over 900 species, "TheAustralianBirdGuide" is the most comprehensive field guide to Australian bird...


Your backyard birds

Your backyard birds
Cleary, Gráinne

A beautiful, inspiring and heartwarming book about our human relationships with the birds who share our backyards. 'Do you ever wonder what birds are talking about as they fly by you? The sounds and songs of birds constantly surround us as we go about our lives.  


Know your birds : Australia's most common birds

Know your birds : Australia's most common birds
Egerton, Louise

This book narrows the field to Australia's best known birds, those you are most likely to see around our town and cities.


A naturalist's guide to the birds of Australia

A naturalist's guide to the birds of Australia
Ingwersen, Dean

This easy-to-use identification guide to 280 bird species in Australia, including the most commonly seen and rare endemic species, is perfect for resident and visitor alike. 


The complete guide to Australian birds : featuring 'in the field' images from Australia's best wildlife photographers

The complete guide to Australian birds : featuring 'in the fieldimages from Australia's best wildlife photographers
Adams, George

This book is the most up-to-date guidetoAustralianbirds available. Written in everyday language, with crisp, brilliant digital images taken inthe wild, this authoritative guide includes: - The first entry and photograph of the previously believed extinct Night Parrot...


Australia's birdwatching megaspots : the 55 best birdwatching sites in Australia

Australia's birdwatching megaspots : the 55 best birdwatching sites in Australia
RowlandPeter, 1967-

This fully illustrated guide describes over 60 of the best sites for viewing both common and rare species. Organised by state, detailed descriptions of each site cover the type of terrain and specific spots at which certain species are likely to be encountered.  


The complete guide to finding the birds of Australia

The complete guide to finding the birds of Australia



Australian guide to birds

Australian guide to birds
Winters, Bob



Finding Australian birds : a field guide to birding locations

Finding Australian birds : a field guide to birding locations

From the eastern rainforests to central deserts, Australia is home to some 900 species of birds. This book covers over 400 Australian bird watching sites conveniently grouped into the best birding areas, from one end of the country to the other. 


First field guide to Australian birds

First field guide to Australian birds
SlaterPat, 1937-2003First field guides

The First Field Guide to Australian Birds introduces you to the diverse range of birds found throughout Australia. Over 50 species are described in detail with interesting facts about their habitat, distribution and behaviour.


Unique Australian bird sounds

Unique Australian bird sounds
Gessel, Fred van

This very useful book and audio CD combination will be an essential addition to the bookshelves of birdwatchers of all levels. It helps the reader to identify a wide selection of species by sight and sound, with the focus being on those which are uniquely Australian. 


Australian bird names : origins and meanings

Australian bird names : origins and meanings
FraserIan, 1951-

An entertaining account of the stories behind the names of Australian birds. This Second Edition of AustralianBirdNames is a completely updated checklist of Australian birds and the meanings behind their common and scientific names, which may be useful, useless or downright ...


The owls of Australia : a field guide to Australian night birds

The owls of Australia : a field guide to Australian night birds
Debus, Stephen J. S.



Australian birds of prey in flight : a photographic guide

Australian birds of prey in flight : a photographic guide

Birds of prey spend most of their time inflight and, when viewed from the ground, they are notoriously hard to identify. This is photographic guide to the eagles, hawks, kites and falcons flying high above you.


Australian magpie : biology and behaviour of an unusual songbird

Australian magpie : biology and behaviour of an unusual songbird
Kaplan, Gisela

The warbling and carolling of the Australian magpie are iconic, yet few of us recognise that the magpie ranks among the foremost songbirds of the world. Its impressive vocal abilities, its propensity to play and clown, and its willingness to interact with people make the magpie... 


Bird minds : cognition and behaviour of Australian native birds

Bird minds : cognition and behaviour of Australian native birds
Kaplan, Gisela

In her comprehensive and carefully crafted book, Gisela Kaplan demonstrates how intelligent and emotional Australian birds can be. She describes complex behaviours such as grieving, deception, problem solving and the use of tools. 


The big twitch

The big twitch
DooleySean, 1968-



Birdscaping Australian gardens : using native plants to attract birds to your garden

Birdscaping Australian gardens : using native plants to attract birds to your garden
Adams, George Martin

Featuring plant and bird directories illustrated with superb colour photographs and line drawings, as well as comprehensive planting tables and expert advice, this book has all you need to create a refuge for birds - and so preserve Australia's amazing natural heritage and biodiversity.


Feeding the birds at your table : a guide for Australians

Feeding the birds at your table : a guide for Australians
Jones, Darryl N. (Darryl Noel)

Millions of Australians feed wild birds in their gardens, yet there is currently very little information or advice on offer to tell them how to do this properly. This book provides the first readily available source of reliable information relevant to Australia. 


All about garden wildlife of Australia

All about garden wildlife of Australia

Our backyards form an important habitat for wildlife, providing food, shelter and a place to live and breed for countless species of birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians. 


Australian wildlife on your doorstep

Australian wildlife on your doorstep

A very useful and eye-opening book which will inspire people to step outside their front doors and discover the amazing world of wildlife that is all around us.


Habitat : a practical guide to creating a wildlife-friendly Australian garden

Habitat : a practical guide to creating a wildlife-friendly Australian garden
Bishop, A. B.

An inspirational and practical how-toguide for people keen to attract fauna into their garden: for their own enjoyment and as a contribution to the health and sustainability of the environment.


An Australian Birding Year [paperback]

An Australian Birding Year [paperback]
RichardsonR Bruce

A highly personal account of a phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime adventure that saw Bruce and his wife, Lynn, embark on a year of travel and birding across the entire continent of Australia in a camper van. Their aim was to see as many birds as possible together in the year.


Urban Wild: The Aussie animals that share our backyards, our cities and our lives. [hardback]

Urban WildThe Aussie animals that share our backyards, our cities and our lives. [hardback]
Australian Geographic
Australia is the most urbanised nation on earth and yet we share our built environment with a cavalcade of amazing native creatures.