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Local History Walks

Explore the history of Bayside and discover the stories behind some of our heritage buildings and streets.


Indigenous Coastal Trail 

The Indigenous Trail includes works of contemporary Indigenous artists and is based on stories authored by Boon Wurrung Elder Carolyn Briggs. The trail outlines the close relationship between Kulin Nations culture and the coastal environment. Bayside's rich coastal history and the significant local flora and fauna are also prominent.

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Coastal History Trail 

The coastal area of Bayside has played host to many historical events of regional and local importance. The Bayside Coastal History Trail Signs seek to explain these important events and their historical significance and identify historical sites along the 17km of coastline.

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Coastal Art Trail 

From Brighton to Beaumaris, there are 17km of foreshore, cliff tops and beaches to explore by foot or on a bike.

With over 90 interpretive signs, the foreshore coastal trail has walks and experiences that celebrate Bayside's indigenous, historical, artistic and environmental heritage. The trails celebrate the lives and work of famous Australian artists who were inspired by Bayside's beauty, tell stories of the Boon wurrung people who lived here for thousands of years, share the historical significance of the area, and describe the natural environment.

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Sandringham Village Historical Walk 

This walk is primarily around the commercial heart of Sandringham. It includes the Rotunda on the foreshore, the Masonic Hall in Abbott Street and information on Sandringham’s past such as the tram line, the Sandringham Coffee Palace and the Roxy Cinema.

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Central Hampton Historical Self-Guided Walk 

Hampton Walk. This walk is primarily along Hampton Street, the commercial heart of Hampton and it is divided into three sections which can be done as three separate walks or a combination of them.

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A Walk to Gypsy Village

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Architectural Trail 

The architectural trails showcase and celebrate the history and architectural style of more than 100 local residences and public buildings.

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