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Picture Book Subject List | Emotions

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Being Edie is hard today

Being Edie is hard today

A sensitive girl imagines transforming herself into different animals to help manage her intense emotions during difficult situations at school.


The big angry roar

The big angry roar
Lambert, Jonathan

Cub is angry, so he stomps and smashes and roars! But now he just feels worse! Maybe his friends can help? The perfect story for any child experiencing feelings of anger and learning what to do with them.


The colour of happy

The colour of happy

A beautiful exploration of feelings shown through colour as one little boy navigates a range of emotions - from happiness and excitement to hope and love, all on his way to present a gift to his mum. Blue is for the calm I feel wandering in the spring. 


Max's box

Max's box

Max's parents give him a very special gift: a tiny, magical box that will hold everything, from his toys to his feelings. Max learns, however, that feelings can't be put away as easily as toys. 


No longer alone

No longer alone

This touching picture book subtly deals with big emotions such as loss, with an uplifting and hopeful message about being yourself and the importance of family and talking about worries. 


Red red red

Red red red

Every toddler feels frustrated sometimes, every toddler gets ANGRY. They scream, they shout, they see REDREDRED. Now, in her singularly expressive style, the beloved PollyDunbar brings us the perfect picture story book to share with those little ones overwhelmed by their emotions.


Some days

Some days
OrloffKaren Kaufman

Come along and follow a year in the life of a young boy and girl as they discover their many different and ever-changing emotions, including joy, fear, anger, jealousy, excitement, pride, disappointment, loneliness, and contentment. 


Swarm of bees

Swarm of bees

It can feel good to be angry. It can feel better to stop. SwarmofBeesSwarmofBees! You are SO angry! What will you do? Watch out! A mischievous boy has unleashed an angry swarmofbees


When sadness comes to call

When sadness comes to call

WhenSadness arrives, try not to be afraid: give it a name, listen to it and spend some time together. Maybe all it wants is to know that its welcome. 


Where are you now?

Where are you now?
BurkeTyler Clark

Told in simple but powerful prose, and illustrated by the author in a wash of brilliant watercolor, TylerClark Burke's WhereAreYouNow? is a beautiful small book about change, death and transformation.


The world of Ruby Red shoes. A book about Ruby's feelings

The world of Ruby Red shoesA book about Ruby's feelings
Knapp, KateThe world of Ruby Red Shoes

When I feel happy, all theworld seems light, like sunshine and daffodils, all golden and bright. With so much awareness around mindfulness and mental health in young children, this is the perfect book to start gentle conversations. 


Your mind is like the sky

Your mind is like the sky

Yourmindislikethesky. Sometimes it's clear and blue - but sometimes a raincloud thought comes along and makes everything seem dark. So what can we do about rainclouds? 


A feel better book for little tempers

A feel better book for little tempers
Brochmann, Holly

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text provide young children with tools for dealing with feelings of anger, such as pretending the anger is a baseball that can be batted away or breathing deeply.


Angry cookie

Angry cookie

What happens when a little cookie gets up on the wrong side of bed? Prepare to fall absolutely in love with this irresistible cookie, crumbly chocolate chips and all. OH NO! Barbra the cactus won?t stop playing her recorder, the yummy strawberry toothpaste has run out, and now - to top it all...


The bad mood and the stick

The bad mood and the stick
Snicket, Lemony

Curly's badmood travels from person to person, unexpectedly leaving opportunities for forgiveness, laughter, and love in its wake. Sometimes it takes a badmood to make everything right.


A box of butterflies

A box of butterflies




StantonElizabeth Rose

The middle child in a family of monsters, Bub feels ignored and overlooked, but when he wishes for invisibility, he discovers how much his family loves and misses him.


Dinosaur adventures

Dinosaur adventures

This fantastic compendium of dinosaur tales includes four original fiction stories featuring a noisy T rex, a clumsy Ankylosaurus, a speedy Velociraptor and a ditzy Diplodocus. The large format allows the stunning full-bled artwork scenes to jump off the page, helping to engage and enthrall you...



What you feel is who you are... Explore a world of emotions with this stunning peep-through picture book. Richard Jones' enchanting illustrations and the lyrical text make each and every feeling come to life to help children understand the emotions they experience.