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Junior Reads

Find your next great read, using these reading lists developed by our Children's Services Librarians.

CBCA Notables

Fantasy Books for 9-12 year old's

First Chapter Books

Funny Stories

Girls 11-14 Years

Good Reads for Good Readers

Historical Series


Sport Stories

Thrilling Reads

Victorian Premiers Reading Challenge


If you are still stuck for reading ideas, here are some other options to get inspiration.

  • Personalized Picks. Our Librarians will curate a list of books you may enjoy reading, based on information you provide us.
  • PK Magazine. Good Reading's magazine for primary kids! It is a funky and inspiring online magazine full of writing, arts, book reviews, crafts and interactive activities. If you are aged 7-12, you can send in stuff to be published!
  • Read It Loved It. Helping children aged 10+ find great books to read
  • Who Next. Log in with your library card to find similar authors to those you like.
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