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Heather has two mummies

Heather has two mummies
Newman, Lesléa

Heather's favourite number is two. She hastwo arms, two legs,and two pets. And she also hastwomummies. When Heather goes to school for the first time, someone asks her about her daddy, but Heather doesn't have a daddy. Then something interesting happens. 


Just the two of us

Just the two of us

This book is the result of a conversation betwnn SarahCathie and her son about why there was no daddy in their home. This heartwarming story explores the idea that all families are beautiful and different and that love is all that really matters.


Stella brings the family

Stella brings the family
Schiffer, Miriam B

Stellabrings her two fathers to school to celebrate Mother's Day.

More people to love me

More people to love me
O'Hara, Mo

This little girl's family is huge! The only way to show how huge would be to draw a family tree. With a step-mum, a step-dad, four brothers and sisters, and a whole lot of grandparents, her family tree has a lot of branches - and a lot of peopletolove her. 

My dad is my uncle's brother : who's who in my family

My dad is my uncle's brother : who's who in my family
Lyward, Joe

The family is a thing of many parts - a complicated puzzle made of brothers, sisters, mums, dads, uncles, friends, grandparents. Sooner or later all of us get lost in the maze of kinship, trying to understand who is a great-uncle and a stepfather, who's married to whom, what in-laws are...

All kinds of families

All kinds of families
Simon, Norma

"Multicultural and multigenerational people demonstrate what it means to be a family and how allfamilies offer each other support and love"--

Our special world. My family

Our special worldMy family
Lennon, LizOur special world

What is your family like? This book explores different sorts of families and what they like to do. It's a fantastic book to explore a 'Families' theme in an early years setting and includes topics such as Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents, caring for each other and animal families.

Just the way we are

Just the way we are
Shirvington, Jessica
"A celebration of families of every kind! Meet Anna, Chiara, Henry, Izzy and Jack. their families might not look like your family, but that's okay, they're perfect just the way they are! A heart-warming new picture book, celebrating families of every shape and size! Ages: 2-5.
 This is my family : a first look at same-sex parent
This is my family : a first look at same-sex parent

Thomas, Pat, 1959-




I love wrestling. When I grow up, I want to be just like my wrestling heroes: big and tough, with really huge muscles. The only problem is, my mums don't like fighting... A funny story about identity, family and dressing up, inspired by the award-winning documentary, Gayby Baby.


Our baby

Our baby
WildMargaret, 1948-
Babies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and from all sorts of families. Some babies have a mum and a dad. Some babies have a mum, and a dad who lives elsewhere. Others have two mums or two dads. Some babies have milky mouths, snotty noses or tiny shrimp toes.