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I want my dinner

I want my dinner
RossTony, 1938-The little princess

The Little Princess wants her dinner! And her teddy, and her potty... Several tantrums later, she learns that good manners go a long way. But not everyone else is so polite. Beastie must also master 'please' and 'thank you' if the Little Princess is to give him his dinner back.


Excuse me!

Excuse me!

Martha May has marvellous manners. She always says please and thank you ...and she most certainly DOES NOT FART! But what will happen on the day of the Baked Bean Bonanza?! Catch a whiff of this hilarious tale about finally letting go, from DaveHughesHollyIfeand Philip Bunting.


How should I behave?

How should I behave?

Taking a friendly and practical look at manners and the appropriate way to react and conduct yourself in a particular situation, this title examines a range of scenarios. Find out why please and thank-you work; how hygiene helps; why it is kind to share.


Table talk : a book about table manners

Table talk : a book about table manners
Cook, Julia, 1964-Building relationships

Written from the table's point of view, this clever tale helps kids understand that tablemanners include not only table etiquette, but also being respectful, kind, and considerate to others. 


Elephant learns to share : a book about sharing

Elephant learns to share : a book about sharing
GravesSue, 1950-Behaviour matters!

Elephant hates sharing anything. When Gran gives him a bat and ball set, he finds it impossible to play by himself. He needs to find friends to play with, but will anyone want to join his game? This series introduces children to different emotions and behaviour.


Say sorry, Sidney!

Say sorrySidney!

When Rhino escapes from the zoo to a farm he leaves a trail of havoc and devastation behind. And when the poor farm animals end up taking the blame for missing food, clothes and toys, they decide Sidney needs to learn a thing or two about manners! 


Yucky mucky manners

Yucky mucky manners
LloydSam, 1971-



Little Kong

Little Kong

Esmeralda is an exceptionally naughty girl. One day, Esmeralda's parents have had enough. They push her bed into the sea, in the hope that, if she spends some time on her own, she will learn some manners.


Never use a knife and fork

Never use a knife and fork

Hide spaghetti in your hair, Keep crisps in your underwear. NeverUseaKnifeandFork is an outrageous, tongue-in-cheek exploration of mealtime chaos that will have children in stitches. 


What do we say?

What do we say?



Thanking the moon : celebrating the mid-autumn Moon Festival

Thanking the moon : celebrating the mid-autumn Moon Festival
Lin, Grace



I don't want to play nicely

I don't want to play nicely
GravesSueOur emotions and behaviour

'A book about being kind' -- cover.


Why do I have to say please and thank you? : big issues for little people around behaviour and manners

Why do I have to say please and thank you? : big issues for little people around behaviour and manners
Waddington, EmmaLife + soul library. Behaviour

Learn how to: * Answer difficult questions confidently * Set clear limits for self-control * Resolve and address a range of social interaction issues This revolutionary series, written by two child psychologists, provides the perfect platform to explore a broad range of family issues .


Taking turns

Taking turns
FeelyJennyGetting along with others



Give please a chance

Give please a chance

In this illustrated book written by bestselling authors BillO'Reilly and James Patterson, a collection of artists each contribute a piece of art demonstrating why the word 'please' makes all the difference in the world.


My manners

My manners
JonesGraceOur values
This exciting series gives beginner readers their first experiences of some of the most important values in today's world. Here children can explore what it means to be part of a community and discover the cultural and spiritual diversity that life has to offer.