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Print, Copy, Scan

Bayside Library Service offers printing, photocopying and scanning services at all branches.

Printing from a Public Access Computer
A4 and A3 paper sizes are available for printing.
Colour and black and white printing is available at all branches.


Wireless Printing
Wireless printing is available at all Bayside branches

1. Click on Wireless Printing
2. Use your library card number and PIN to log in to the print software. Press Login

3. Click the Upload button.
4. Select your document, then check the box next to the document and use Print Options to change document characteristics: 
 •Colour (black-and-white/colour) 
 •Sides (double-sided/single-sided) 
 •Pages per side (1 or 2) 
 •Copies (number of copies)
Tip : Make sure to tick the checkbox next to your document name so that you can alter settings.
5. Select the branch that you wish to print to.
6. Log into one of the print releases stations at the library you selected to print your document. See instructions in the branch for how to use the print release stations.

Tip : The dollar amount shown in the bottom left of the page (usually a negative number) is a record of how much you've spent on that print job. The Pharos Print Center website cannot show how much money is available on your account, but the print release station in the branch will.


A4 and A3 paper sizes are available for photocopying.
Colour and black and white photocopying is available at all branches.


Scanning is free and available at all locations.
You can use scan documents and send them to your USB stick or Email.
Suitable scans can be saved as PDF and JPG.


Specialized Print Services
Our Create, Play, Learn space offers 3D printing. You can submit your job to be printed with our online form.