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Star of Deltora. Shadows of the master

Star of Deltora. Shadows of the master
Rodda, Emily, 1948-*Star of Deltora ; 1Premiers' Reading Challenge Years 5 and 6Premiers' Reading Challenge Years 7 and 8

Britta of Del wants nothing less than to be the new Apprentice Trader of the Rosalyn fleet. Family and friends and even the terrible secret of her parentage will not stop her. But how can she succeed when her true identity must surely be guessed by Trader Mab, who knew her father, and the c...


Simon Thorn and the wolf's den

Simon Thorn and the wolf's den
Carter, Aimee 1986Simon Thorn ; 1

SimonThorn can talk to animals. But he's spent most of his life hiding this incredible secret. After all, who would understand?


Storm boy : the illustrated story

Storm boy : the illustrated story
Thiele, Colin, 1920-2006
Storm Boy saves the life of Mr Percival, and in return the pelican helps Storm Boy's father with his fishing and joins in the rescue of a shipwrecked crew. The boy and the pelican prove friends to the end.


Infinity Drake. Giant killer

Infinity Drake. Giant killer
McNally, JohnInfinity Drake ; 3.

And you thought 9mm was small? Infinity Drake takes it to a whole 'nother level. After months of captivity Finn and Carla reach their final destination; evil mastermind Kaparis's secret lair in the Carpathian mountains. Once there Finn learns the villain's true purpose to conquer his paralysis an...


Knightley & Son

Knightley & Son
Gavin, RohanKnightley & Son ; 1




Corder, ZizouPremiers' Reading Challenge Years 7 and 8



The sound of whales

The sound of whales
Thomson, Kerr

Three children are spending their summer on a wild Scottish island. Fraser is desperate for adventure; Hayley is fed up she's even there; while Dunny spends his days staring out to sea. He hasn't said a word in years. But everything changes with the discovery of two bodies on the beach.


Welcome to nowhere

Welcome to nowhere
Laird, Elizabeth

Twelve-year-old Omar and his brothers and sisters were born and raised in the beautiful and bustling city of Bosra, Syria. Omar doesn't care about politics - all he wants is to grow up to become a successful businessman who will take the world by storm.


Withering-by-Sea : a Stella Montgomery intrigue

Withering-by-Sea : a Stella Montgomery intrigue
Rossell, JudithStella Montgomery intrigue ; 1CBCA short listed book for Younger Readers 2015
High on a cliff above the gloomy coastal town of Withering-by-Sea stands the Hotel Majestic. Inside the walls of the damp, dull hotel, eleven-year-old orphan Stella Montgomery leads a miserable life with her three dreadful Aunts. 



Russian roulette

Russian roulette
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-Alex Rider ; 10.

Alex Rider?s life changed forever with the silent pull of a trigger. When Ian Rider died at the hands of the assassin Yassen Gregorovich, Alex, ready or not, was thrust into the world of international espionage, the world?s only teenage spy. Alex vowed revenge against Yassen and the two have batt...


Skulduggery Pleasant : books 1 and 2

Skulduggery Pleasant : books 1 and 2
Landy, DerekSkulduggery Pleasant ; 1 & 2.

FANTASY & MAGICAL REALISM. Together for the first time in a bumper paperback edition, books 1 and 2 in the dead famous, bestselling series. It's one book...and twice the awesome. Book 1: Meet Skulduggery Pleasant: detective, sorcerer, warrior. Oh yes, and dead. 


Finding Serendipity

Finding Serendipity
Banks, AngelicaA Tuesday McGillycuddy adventure

Tuesday McGillycuddy loves stories. Her mother, Serendipity Smith, is the most famous writer in the world. When Serendipity goes missing, Tuesday and her dog Baxterr embark on a mission to find her in the mysterious and unpredictable world of story.