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The Champion Charlies. The mix-up

The Champion Charlies. The mix-up
Beck, AdrianThe Champion Charlies ; 1

A hilarious junior fiction series for boys and girls that celebrates the great world game of football! Developed in partnership with Football Federation Australia. Charles was the best player in the boys' football team. Charlotte was the best player in the girls' side.


Glenn Maxwell. Lucky break

Glenn Maxwell. Lucky break
Loughlin, PatrickGlenn Maxwell ; 1

Will Albright is a batting whiz and captain of his local cricket team. But when his coach nominates him to attend a T20 training camp, Will soon discovers that standing out in a sea of young cricket talent isn't easy. Especially when Darren 'Killer' McKinnon, a super-quick pace bowler, has taken ...


Specky Magee : Back to Back # 1

Specky Magee : Back to Back # 1
Arena, FelicePremiers' Reading Challenge Years 5 and 6Specky Magee



Boys united

Boys united
Palmer, Tom, 1967-Football academy ; 1



I can be... Belinda Clark : from country kid to Aussie legend

I can be... Belinda Clark : from country kid to Aussie legend
Kettle, Phil, 1955-I can be ; 1

Join Jill King and Jack Ace as they meet past and present Australian cricket champions and get fascinating facts and advice about the great game. You canbeBelindaClark! Cricket is a sport for all Australians. No matter who you are or where you come from, you can play Australia's favo...


Diary of a track and field Titan

Diary of a track and field Titan
Flint, Shamini, 1969-Diary of a ; 6



Boyz rule! Skateboard dudes

Boyz rule! Skateboard dudes
Arena, Felice, 1968-Boyz rule! ; 13.

Josh sees himself as the world's best skateboarder until he takes one too many spills and Con takes over as the champion at the local skateboard competition.


Sporty kids. Footy

Sporty kidsFooty
Arena, FeliceSporty kids ; [1]Premiers' Reading Challenge Early Childhood to Year 2

Joe marked the footy. He ran with it as fast as he could. Then he handballed to Angus. 'Dropping the ball!' shouted the umpire. Joe is awesome at footy. So why is handballing so hard?


The kaboom kid. The big switch

The kaboom kid. The big switch
Warner, DavidThe Kaboom kid ; 1

It's the beginning of the school year and Davey and his friends discover that Mr Mudge is their Year Six teacher. He really doesn't like cricket. neither does Mo Clouter, the school bully, who is constantly getting Davey and his friends in trouble. 


Crawf's kick it to Nick. The cursed cup

Crawf's kick it to Nick. The cursed cup
Crawford, ShaneCrawf's kick it to nick ; 1



Hooked on netball

Hooked on netball
Hellard, BernadetteNetball gems ; 1

Maddy can't wait to play her first game of netball with her new team. She's been training hard and is eager to try out her skills. But Maddy's excitement soon turns to nerves when she realises that things might not go exactly as she imagined. What position will coach Janet put her in? 


Do goalkeepers wear tiaras?
Pielichaty, HelenaGirls F.C. ; 1
Nine-year-old Megan Fawcett loves football and is desperate to be on her school team. She tries everything to get the coach to notice her, even wearing a tiara! But nothing works ... Then she has a brainwave - she'll set up her own team. An all-girls team! Now all she needs is a pitch, a coach .....



Izzy Folau. Chance of a lifetime

Izzy Folau. Chance of a lifetime
Harding, DavidIzzy Folau ; 1
Daniel and Sione have been given the chance of a lifetime to be coached by Australian rugby union star Israel Folau. Can they make it count? Daniel and Sione come from very different backgrounds, but both bodys eat, sleep and breathe rugby union. 



Diary of a golf pro

Diary of a golf pro
Flint, Shamini, 1969-Diary of a ; 8



Canterwood Crest. Take the reins

Canterwood Crest. Take the reins
Burkhart, JessicaCanterwood Crest ; 1.



In at the deep end

In at the deep end
Magorian, Michelle4U2read

Ben knows he's taking on a lot, offering to do the first hundred lengths of the swimathon himself, but he's desperate to impress Jack and Harry. But as he swims - and swims - Jack realises that his 'friends' aren't going to show. Now he either has to forfeit or swim another hundred lengths!


Raising the bar

Raising the bar
Panckridge, Michael, 1962-The legendsPremiers' Reading Challenge Years 5 and 6



Olympia : throw for gold

Olympia : throw for gold
Rayner, ShooOlympiaOrchard crunchies



The best ballgirl

The best ballgirl
Flynn, Pat, 1968-Aussie chompsPremiers' Reading Challenge Years 3 and 4Premiers' Reading Challenge Years 5 and 6